We believe in travel as a fundamental tool to create valuable relationships among people and places, is a tool for social growth and professional networking.

This is why Moltivolti  has been developing itineraries different countries such as Tanzania, Senegal, Nepal and Morocco in the ethics of respecting the destination’s places and cultures, in order to open our mind and embrace the diversity.

Now Moltivolti is Altrove / Travel Sharing Experience, a larger project, with many types of activities and new destinations. Through our experiences we promote education for a multiethnic society, free from ethnocentrism, prejudice, discrimination gender and the fear of the different.

Travel Sharing

Each itinerary develops from a personal story, a unique interpretation that will open the doors of a culture. A travel for sharing the road with somebody unique.

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For each new destination, we create a thematic itinerary, guided by a “cultural mediator” that can facilitate the link between the group of travellers and the country, between the culture and the activities.


Study Tour

We create non-conventional study trips, rich in activities, with a social and educational purpose. It is suitable for professionals and students with specific focus, to look at Palermo and Sicily from various points of view (social, cultural, historical, artistic …).

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We offer a genuine discovery experience in Palermo and surroundings. Our goal is to facilitate travelers to ask the right questions by getting in touch with relevant local subjects in different fields of investigation.


Day Trip

We offer experiences of a few days, to live and discover places and realities that can inspire and enrich the personal journey of each one.

Explore the city

Theme activities of a few hours, to experience the city of Palermo through the stories of those who live it every day (artists, migrants, workers, professionals, craftsman …).

Tailor Made

We design customized experiences and activities, according to the needs and expectations of each group/individual.

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