In 2014, a group of friends with different culture experiences, professionals and social, coming from 8 countries Senegal, Zambia, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, France, Spain, Gambia and Italy, gives life to a space designed and structured to offer dignity, citizenship and value from the diversity.

Like this Moltivolti was born a model of social enterprise based on the relation, a laboratory of representation of a new society in which the exchanges among the diversity are on the base of development.

A project intimately connected with the neighborhood of Ballarò in Palermo, that grows in equilibrium with the colorful populated market from old and new citizens.

Moltivolti is a restaurant with a Sicilian-ethnic and popular cuisine and a co-working space dedicated to the third sector. Two different areas that lives in synergy with another, the profit that supports non-profit but from which it draws the energy and meanings.

From the intergration to the interaction, the kitchen as a metaphor for a new recipe of domestic partnership and development support.

Because at Moltivolti, my land is where I lay my feet.